custom apple cider pressing prices

Your Apples - Our Mobile Cider Mill

Pricing is for a 100km radius from 5345 Langmaid Road, Clarington.  Please inquire for pricing outside of this area. There is a 120 bushel apple minimum for onsite pressing.
All pasteurized boxed juice has a shelf life of 1 year without preservatives or refrigeration.

3 Litre Bag-in-Box
( Plus HST*)

Up to 200 Boxes --- $5.75/box
201 to 300 Boxes - $5.50/box
Over 300 Boxes ---- $5.25/box

5 Litre Bag-in-Box
(Plus HST*)

Up to 100 boxes --- $7.00/box
101 to 200 boxes -- $6.75/box
201 to 400 boxes -- $6.50/box
Over 400 boxes ------ $6.25/box 

Bulk Container
(Plus HSt*)

Onsite - At Your Place  - $1.00/litre
(Min. 1,200 litres)
At our Cider House -------- $0.75/litre
(Min. 12 bushels)

*The prices are for crushing, pressing, pasteurizing and Bag in Box packaging plus HST. All fruit should be clean and with no visible dirt. All fruit will receive a high-pressure wash on the elevator.

Prices are only valid for scheduled events within a 100 km radius from 5345 Langmaid Road, Clarington.

Please inquire for events outside of the 100 km range.  (Google Map is used to determine distance.)

We only use the Bag-in Box packaging system!

Bag-in-Box is a “one way” packaging system. No deposit will be charged.