Custom Apple Presing

Making Your Apple Cider

Perfect for large orchards or small orders.

Geissberger Farmhouse Cider’s custom apple pressing offers a convenient service for apple growers, hobby farmers, and homeowners to process their fresh apples into apple cider for retail or personal use. Here are some key points:

  1. High-Tech Equipment: We use sterile processing with advanced equipment, including an innovative high temperature/short time pasteurizer.
  2. Bag-in-Box Packaging: The cider is packaged in a Bag-in-Box system, which provides a 1-year shelf life without preservatives or refrigeration. Each box can be customized with your own label.
  3. Small Orders Welcome: For homeowners with 1 or 2 apple trees, we offer small order pressing (minimum 12 bushels) at their farm in Clarington.
  4. Health Regulations Compliant: The cider mill adheres to all health regulations.
  5. Capacity: The mill can process and package 1.5 - 2 bins (20 bushel/bin) of apples per hour, resulting in 400 - 500 liters of freshly-pressed pasteurized cider.
In summary, Farmhouse's Cider Mill provides a convenient and efficient way to enjoy fresh cider from locally grown apples. 🍎🥂
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~ Benefits of Bag-in-Box Packaging
~ Pricing Apple Pressing