How It Works

Making Your Apple Cider

Bring your apples to our farm at 5301 Langmaid Road, Clarington, and witness the transformation of your apples into delicious cider.

A minimum of 12 bushels is required for orders. Quality is key; only tree-picked, fresh apples can produce exquisite cider—no grounders allowed.

Our capacity allows for processing up to 10 bins (200 bushels) per day. For orders of at least 6 bins (120 bushels), transportation assistance may be available.

We are currently transitioning our mobile cider pressing exclusively to our Clarington farm.


Once your cider is made the customer has various choices for the final packaging:

  • Bulk - We can pump your cider (pasteurized or unpasteurized) into bulk tank or containers (min. 20 litre pail). In this case the cost is $1.50/litre. NOTE: Containers for bulk pasteurized cider must be rated for hot liquids.
  • Bag-in-Box - Geissberger Farmhouse Ciders award winning Bag-in-Box packaging keeps your cider fresh without refrigeration or preservatives for up to one year. The customer has a choice of 3 litre or 5 litre boxes and there is room on the box for our own label. Pricing per box. Link to pricing.

Step 1 - Apple Blending

Apple are usually blended when put into the cider press.

Customers are encouraged to assist with the feeding of apples as this is an inspection point and the customer is responsible for the quality of their apples.

NOTE: Geissberger Farmhouse Cider reserves the right to refuse to press apples of poor quality or dirty for health regulations.

Step 2 - Wash & Grinding

As the apples go up the elevator they receive a pressure rinse and then go to the grinder.
The apples are ground to a pomace and then pumped to the Rack & Cloth Cider Press.

Stack of apple to be pressed

Step 3 - Rack & Cloth Press

Using our Rack & Cloth Press we ensure the maximum amount of cider is pressed from your apples.

We use special cider cloths to allow the cider to flow through.

The cider is then screened and then lightly filtered.

Pasteurized or Unpasteurized - At this point the customer my choose to have their UNPASTEURIZED cider pumped into bulk tanks or the cider is sent to the pasteurizer for packaging in our bag-in-box packaging.

Step 4 - Packaging

Using our high heat- short time pasteurizer the cider is headed for about 15 seconds to a temperature of 79'C.
No Refrigeration Required
The cider is then sent to the bag-in-box packaging station. Once packaged the cider remains fresh for 1 year without preservatives and refrigeration. Pasteurized cider may also be place in bulk containers. Containers must be certified for hot liquids.

Pricing - Custom Apple Pressing

Making Your Apple Cider - Below is a short video showing our apple cider mill in operation.